Fishing (Fresh Water Fishing - Vimanra Hotel)

Fishing (Fresh Water Fishing - Vimanra Hotel)

Vimanra Hotel

“Dakunu Ela” facing hotel - ideal for a backwater fishing, the mangrove environs and fish species provide a unique fishing experience.

Hotel could arrange an exciting fishing activity with a professional fishing guide who could help to enjoy the fishing trip to the maximum.


Unique fishing experience with many species of fish such as Sinhala Barb, Giant Danio, Flying Barb, Ceylon Logsucker, Red Fin Labeo, Slender Rasbora, Dwarf Catfish, Long Whiskers Catfish, Asian Stinging Catfish, Spike-Tailed Paradisefish, Giant Snakehead, Freshwater Garfish, Tire Track Eel, Spiny Eel.

We organize half day and full day fishing excursions.